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Lost City – Escape Room

Recommended for 2-8 Players. 
South American Jungle, 2016

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Archibald Tucker was one of the greatest explorers of the 1930s. His tales of adventure were known the world over and his prized journal documented every adventure. While exploring an abandoned temple in The Lost City, he uncovered a treasure so rare, no man alive had seen it! A sudden gust of wind slams the temple door shut – sealing Tucker and his journal inside! Both were never seen again.

Your team of treasure hunters decide it’s time to finish Tucker’s quest. Armed with the latest technology, your research points you to the exact whereabouts of the lost journal which holds the secrets to finding the treasure. In your backpacks, you’ve brought all the materials essential for your adventure! You approach the temple confidently, but once inside angered spirits awaken and deem you unworthy of the riches held within.

As a test, they grant you 60 minutes to prove your worth. You must work logically, interact with everything you find and solve puzzles to uncover the treasure! If you fail, the door will be sealed once more and you will surely perish! Can you locate the journal, find the treasure and escape the temple before it’s too late? Time is of the essence!

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Venture into ‘The Lost City,’ an enthralling Escapology escape room challenge at Solutions Restaurant, where ancient mysteries and modern adventure collide. Suitable for teams of 2-8 players aged 14 and above, this epic quest transports you to a forgotten city shrouded in legend. ‘The Lost City’ tests your ingenuity, collaboration, and resilience across all skill levels – from budding explorers to seasoned adventurers. Navigate through a labyrinth of ancient puzzles, decipher cryptic codes, and uncover hidden treasures in a race against time to unlock the secrets of a civilization lost to history. Ideal for those with a thirst for exploration and a passion for discovery, ‘The Lost City’ promises an exhilarating journey through time and myth.

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People in the Mansion Lost City escape room Denver CO
Mansion where murder took place at Lost City escape room Denver CO
Dead body of Monty Montgomerie, Lost City escape room Denver CO

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