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Mansion Murder – Escape Room

Recommended for 2-8 Players. 
Scottish Highlands; New Year’s Eve, 1999

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You are Robert Montgomerie, the only remaining direct heir to the Kildermorie Estate and the Montgomerie family fortune. You’re attending a family gathering, hosted by your grandfather, Hugh ‘Monty’ Montgomerie, the 9th Earl of Kildermorie, to celebrate the dawn of the new Millennium.

As the guests raise a toast, a scream fills the air…Your grandfather is found dead in the library – and it looks like MURDER!

Suddenly, you’re bundled into the drawing room and the door is locked. Confused, you bang on the door and call for help until it dawns on you… that as the direct heir, all fingers are pointed at you! You realize you’ve been framed! But who would want to kill your grandfather… and why?

You overhear the Police being called, but know that, as the Kildermorie Estate is hidden deep in the Scottish Highlands, it will take them 60 minutes to arrive.

The only evidence that proves your innocence is hidden in the mansion…

For centuries, the Montgomerie family assigned a single gatekeeper to its secret family history. The earl’s sudden demise means he can no longer pass-on these secrets, but the wise old man ensured there was sufficient evidence, hidden throughout the family residence, should anything unexpectedly happen to him!

What he didn’t anticipate is you’d need to uncover these secrets in only 60 minutes!

Will hidden clues reveal distant family secrets? Can you gather enough evidence and piece the story together to prove your innocence? And the biggest challenge of all… is it even remotely possible to solve the mystery before the clock strikes 12?

Success means freedom, fortune and saving the future of your family…

Failure means a life behind bars…..

Do you have what it takes to find the family killer before you are framed and lose your inheritance? Time is of the essence!

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Step into ‘Mansion Murder,’ a riveting Escapology escape room challenge at Solutions Restaurant, where mystery and history intertwine on the eve of the new millennium.

Designed for teams of 2-8 players aged 14 and above, this immersive experience casts you as Robert Montgomerie, the prime suspect in a family tragedy set within the grandeur of the Scottish Highlands. ‘Mansion Murder’ tests your detective skills, teamwork, and nerve as you navigate through a web of family secrets, puzzles, and clues to prove your innocence.

From novice sleuths to advanced detectives, this adventure offers a complex mystery that demands your best analytical skills to solve the case before time runs out. Perfect for those who love classic murder mysteries, ‘Mansion Murder’ promises an intense and engaging experience that goes beyond a simple game.

Secure your mansion murder investigation or surprise someone with the Mansion Murder Escapology escape gift voucher for a thrilling adventure into the heart of a family’s darkest hour!

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