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Welcome to One of the Most Unique Uptown Denver Restaurants!

A Larimer Square restaurant favorite: Cheese curds and shishitos at Solutions Lounge & Restaurant

Discover a Dining Experience Like No Other in Uptown Denver

Embark on a culinary adventure at Solutions Lounge and Restaurant, where our gourmet offerings and signature cocktails are as captivating as our immersive escape rooms and distinctive steampunk ambiance. Since opening our doors in 2017, we’ve carved out a niche as a beloved destination in Larimer Square, renowned for our inventive cuisine and eclectic beverage selection.

Our menu is a testament to creativity, featuring an array of dishes that cater to every taste, complemented by a diverse drink menu of themed and classic cocktails, mocktails, and an extensive selection of draft, canned, and bottled beers, along with wines served by the glass or bottle.

This unique blend of culinary excellence and thematic flair has established us as a standout among RiNo restaurants, offering the ideal retreat for those looking to relax and recharge, whether after a day’s work or for a leisurely outing.

All this comes together to make us one of the most fun and interesting RiNo restaurants, and a perfect location to unwind after work or anytime.

Cheeseburger at Solutions Lounge & Restaurant Larimer Square Denver CO

Explore a Menu for Every Palate in Uptown Denver

Solutions Lounge and Restaurant stands out in Denver’s Uptown with a menu designed to satisfy every diner. Our offerings go beyond the typical, providing a wide array of choices for meat enthusiasts, vegetarians, and vegans alike. From our renowned classic burger to our savory French dip sandwich, gourmet grilled cheese, and an assortment of pizzas, each dish is a testament to our commitment to culinary excellence.

For those seeking vegetarian options or lighter fare, our menu does not disappoint. Enjoy our Margherita or mushroom and onion 10” pizzas, Bavarian pretzels, cheese curds, vibrant salads, and sautéed mussels in white wine. With options available for vegan modifications, we ensure that every guest experiences the best of dining in Denver’s bustling RiNo district.

Understanding the value of your time, our mission extends beyond presenting inventive dishes; we prioritize swift service to ensure a memorable dining experience without delay. Visit us at Solutions Lounge and Restaurant, and discover how we blend culinary delight with efficiency, allowing you to savor the moment and still return to your day’s commitments punctually.

Drinks lined up on bartop at Solutions Lounge & Restaurant Larimer Square Denver CO

Discover Uptown Denver’s Premier Bar Experience

Boasting one of Uptown Denver’s most vibrant bars, we offer an extensive array of wines and bottled beers, alongside a curated rotation of eight craft beers on tap, predominantly sourced from Colorado’s finest breweries.

Our bar further delights with an inventive assortment of signature cocktails and mocktails, each thoughtfully designed to echo the themes of our escape rooms. This unique touch allows the excitement of your escape room adventure to linger well beyond the game’s conclusion.


Chicken and waffles at Solutions Lounge & Restaurant Larimer Square Denver CO
Appetizer platter with cheese and pâté at Solutions Lounge & Restaurant Larimer Square Denver CO

Select Ingredients for Unmatched Quality

Our dedication to exceptional quality is a key reason for our popularity. We prioritize unique, high-quality ingredients, showcasing the best locally sourced baked goods and produce. Our cheese selection, sourced mainly from top local artisans, is complemented by imports from renowned cheese-making regions including Italy, France, Spain, and Germany, ensuring a diverse and premium selection.


The next time you need to escape from the ordinary, think of us!

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