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Saving Santa

Recommended for 2-6 Players. 
It’s up to you to SAVE CHRISTMAS!

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PLEASE NOTE! This game is designed for both children and adults, and certainly for those who are children at heart, so it’s perfect for any age. It is one of our easier games and has a fun design.  Most importantly, remember Christmas is at stake!

Tis the night before Christmas in the North Pole and Santa’s elves are loading his sleigh. Santa has spent the last few months reading all of the letters from all of the children around the World and all of the toys have been made!

As the toys are being loaded upon the sleigh Santa is having his final few moments with Mrs. Claus when he hears a knock on the door. He wonders who it can be! He answers the door and its bad news! It’s the evil Mick MacNasty and his gang of evil Christmas thieves who want to steal all the toys and keep them all for themselves! They put a big sack over Santa’s head and kidnap him! As they whisk Santa away, the North Pole is immediately in chaos! Mrs. Claus calls in the one group of children she knows can help!

The Worldwide Child Detective Agency. Those clever children are YOU! And you use your connections throughout the World and soon work out that Mick MacNasty has hidden Santa deep inside his house. Mrs. Claus immediately dispatches Rudolf who flies your team to MacNasty’s lair, where you manage to sneak inside.

Mick MacNasty has a devious plan to make your task virtually impossible! He’s hidden Santa deep inside his lair and put lots of locks and puzzles in your way to make sure you don’t find him. Do you think you can solve the puzzles and find Santa? Or is Mick MacNasty too clever? Work as a team and look for the clues throughout the house. It’s up to you. If Santa doesn’t leave in 60 minutes time, Christmas will never happen!

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